411global Information Network
411global Information Network is the premier firm when it comes to savings for International Banks and major corporations looking to reduce their Debit Interest cost.
Our product: GSM or Global Spread Management lets our clients take a proactive approach as the cost, rates and savings they are able to achieve on basis points charged by major US banks. In 2016, US banks took in over 32 billions in debit interest charges, in 2017 so far, the top three US banking institutions have already taken in over 16 billions.
Our solutions help your company take advantage of low Fed Funds Rates below 100 basis points by utilizing our extensive knowledge of CIBC rules and regulations, Fed Funds rates, EURO monetary regulations and over 30 years of experience helping International banks and corporations worldwide achieve extensive savings in Debit Interest charges.
Because of confidentiality, we can not ever divulge our current and previous clients.
Prior to the unfortunate demise of Lehman Brothers in 2008, we were able to help them save and recover millions in debit interest charges.
Our fee is a low initiation and examination of your charges for the last six months and 33 percent of the savings or NONE.
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Debit Interest reduction    
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Debit Interest reduction
between 300 and 500 basis points
Overdraft refunds
going back to 6 months
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